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When it comes to aftermarket automotive products, you're in the right spot! Not all aftermarket steering wheels and carbon accessories are the same. We focus on delivering quality and our clients can attest to that. Our steering wheels and carbon grills, dashboards, shifters and other components are the highest quality available on the market.

Our motto is "do it once and do it right!"
Auto Elegance is the best Car and Truck Accessories Supplier!
We are not the biggest,  but we are the most knowledgeable when it comes to custom steering wheels for your BMW, Hummer, Camaro, Ram / Ford Pickup, Mini-Cooper, Volkswagen, Auti and more.

We have what you want and can do things that other companies won't do and can't to do! Auto Elegance is here to show you  thatgreat service lives on!

For over 30 years we have led the way with the newest hottest accessories on the planet.We are always 1st to market, there are leaders and followers! We lead they follow!

The best parts and Service anywhere!

We have sold are products to over 5000 New Car Dealers in USA!

Why because we know what they want and what you want!As the number one supplier of accessories we offer our clients and quality auto accessories at competitive prices.
With the absolute best service in the industry!

Make sure you call its free with any question you have, the only dumb question is the one you don't ask!

We have a telephone and we answer it!
You will be glad you did




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