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Our new truck lock box can do a lot for people who are looking for secure and dependable handgun storage options. The advantages of this safe are abundant.
This Locking Vault makes the factory one look  WEAK!
This box safely attaches itself to your truck's body.
It's made of 12 gauge steel that's durable and resilient.
Its locking component is fully welded as well.
The center console safe is equipped with concealed anti-pry hinges. It also has a latching mechanism that offers the convenience of extra security.
The safe has storage sections that do not lock.
These sections feature trays that are removable. You can place compact items onto these trays for convenience.
Opening this center console gun safe is a quick and easy process. You simply have to remember your personal combination.

If you can't remember your personal combination for any reason, you don't have to panic, either. Purchases of these safes include backup keys
You always get what you pay for!

2021-23 F150 Heavy Duty Vault 12 Gauge Steel

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