Tacoma TRD Factory Grille

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Tacoma TRD PRO Grille /with NEW LOGO
Let me make your life easy ok!
I am in USA!

I am waiting on shipments now, i may need extra time for my grilles to arrive,it is Holiday for the factory now!
If you are patience, no worry i will take care of you!
Thanks for understanding!

My return policy is easy i will pay to take it back!

The guy from China says you pay?
Do you know what that cost??
There add is here  buyer pays return shipping, 20% restocking fee may apply
Where do you want to buy your grille!
Also lots of my customers never received there grilles,customs grap them??
You need to make sure who you are buying from!

Make your Tacoma  a TRD PRO?
Beautiful matte finish,Made of high quality durable ABS!
These grilles are direct fit,easy installation!
Our factory supplies Toyota of ASIA!
The quality is the best!
Anyone can match price but who can match quality and the best service!
Not all grilles are created equal!
You always get what you pay for in life!I work with Toyota dealers all over USA!
Shipping Cost More Out of The USA!

USA Shipper
Love you